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Internet Browser Compatibility Page

This web site uses various Internet technologies to make availble different kinds of content. Therefore to make sure you can display the different content, with have created this page to let you test that your browser will work with the various sections of this site.

If you are not so familiar with upgrading software then go to the section entitled Checking the features of this web site

For those who are more computer literate

To use this web site effectively you will probably need to use a recent version of one of the more common Internet browsers. Other browsers may work, but we will have not made any attempt to make this web site compatible with those browsers however.

It should have Javascript enabled
Either have popup windows enabled or a way of allowing them to be displayed
Have an Adobe Acrobat plugin installed
Have a version of Oracle's Java Browser Plugin installed (a pred JDK 9 version)

Below you will find the relevant links for upgrading your software if your machine is not correctly set up already.

Computer Platforms other than Windows PC's

We only have the technology to test this web site on Windows PC compatible computers and have to assume that it is OK on other platforms. We apolgise for any areas of the web site that do not work on other platforms, but currently this is beyond our control (i.e. budget or time available to test and develop on multiple systems).

Checking the features of this web site

To be able to use the all facilities on this web site, go through the following sections and check that you can succesfully view the relevant content. If it works then you should be able to view all the content on this site.

There is advice for upgrading your browser if the features do not work. This advice is not intended to be a complete guide to upgrading the software on your machine. If you are having problems or are more of a user of computers than an computer technician, we recommend you get someone who understands upgrading computer software, to help you.

Users of non Windows PC compatible computers should take extra care when upgrading software, as all the instructions here were tested from a Windows compatible PC.

Internet Browsers

We recommend using the more recent versions of browsers. As

1. This site uses quite a lot of recent Intenet technology
2. These are the browsers that we have tested the functionality of this web site against.

The following will display information about the browser you are using as determined via PHP.

Browser Information CCBot/2.0 (

The browsers that we intend to test this web site against are :-

To upgrade or change the browser you are using, select one of the above and then follow their download instructions.


JavaScript is used to implement

Some of the dynamic parts of the site
Some of the interactive parts of the the tutorials
The opening of Popup windows

Thus if it does not function then major parts of the web site will note work as expected.

The following should display information about the browser you are using as determined from JavaScript.

navigator Properties: Subfields Variables

If the above did not display properly then you probably need to upgrade your browser to one that can use JavaScript.

N.B. it is possible that you browser is JavaScript compatible but it has been disabled.This is normally set in the the security options of the browser.

Popup Web pages

Popup windows are used to bring up a variety of extra content on this web site. This includes the chargable material, so you will need this to work if you wish to access those tutorials.

Click on the Button below to test whether you can display Popup Windows :-

This may not work because either

1. JavaScript does not work or is disabled in this browser (see above)
2. Popup windows have been disabled in this browser

We do not intend to have Popup adverts on this web site, as they usually just annoy the user. This is should be safe to enable Popup windows whilst using our web site. You can always disable them after visiting our wbe site.

N.B. if Popup windows have been disabled in your browser, then there is often a way a way to force the Popup window to display e.g. hold the shift key down whilst clicking on the link that displays the Popup. You will have to check your browsers documentation for the exact details.

Cascading style sheets

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to control the formating of various parts of our pages. Especially in the charagable areas of the web site.

The following test is formatted using Cacading Style Sheets:-

This should display in White text with a Black background

This text should be very large

If the above text is not displayed correctly then you probably need to upgrade your browser.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat or Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) are a machine indepent document format. Some of the pages on this web site are actually PDF documents. Therefore you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin software to view this documents.

To get this software click on the get Adobe Reader button below and follow the instructions found there.

To test that you have installed the Adobe Acrobat reader correctly, please click on the PDF icon below, which will take you to a page which is a dummy PDF doucment.


We have created the following page, which describes how to install and test Java Applets work on your system.

Further Problems

Please note that due to time constraints we may not be able to test the web site completely for compatibility for all browsers and platforms etc. However it is our intention to support the range of browsers mentioned above. Therefore if you find a problem using the web site. First check you have followed all the instructinos above. If this does not resolve the problem, then please let us contact us on with the following information :-

The web page where the problem occured
What the problem was
What Platform you are using
What Operating system you are using
What Browser (inc version number) you are using

Please note that we are a small operation, so we cannot gaurantee to fix any problem you may find. Although we would hope to resolve problems found in a short space of time. This does depend on the complexity of the problem found.

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