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Java Setup


The Book tutorial section of this web site using Java applets to provide interactive mathematical tests. To be able to use these you need to have a recent version of Oracle's version of the Java virtual machine. This is available as a plugin for browsers from the Oracle Java web site.

N.B. it should be noted that the Java browser plugin used by the Tutorial Applets on this website, has become deprecated due to security issues. Therefore many browsers are no longer able to support the Java based Tutorials on this website. It should also be noted that you must use a version of Java before JDK 9, as this version of Java no longer supports the browser plugin. The technical details of which browsers and versions of Java still support this version of the Tutorials can be found here (make sure you read the Deprecation section as well the Browser Support section).

To get the Oracle Java browser plugin, click the Free Java Download button below and then click the free download link in the middle of the Java web site and follow the instructions found there.

You now need to set an Exception rule within Java for our web site, as the Java Security does not normally allow Applets to run without a Signed Certificate for security reasons. See the next section for how to implement this and why we are not currently implementing the security certificate.

N.B. it should be noted that the tutorials based on Java Applets will not currently work on most mobile devices such as phones or tablets, as they do not currently support Java. The updated version of the Tutorials uses HTML5 Applets and does support mobile phones and tablets etc, click here to use the updated versions of these Tutorials.

Java Applet Certificates

Oracle has increased the security of Java Applets. This requires all Java Applets to have a signed certificate with a Certificate Authority. This allows the user to be more confident that they are running the Java Applet created by the original developer.

However the cost of using Certificate Authorities is between $200-600 dollars per year. As we have created an updated version of the Tutorials that use HTML5 Applications, we can no longer justify the cost of the certification of the orignal Java Applets, especially as they are about to become obsolete (due to security issues).

The following instructions assume that you have installed the Java Browser Plugin (see above) and are based on a user using a Windows system using the Internet Explorer browser. For other operating systems and browsers you will have to figure out the necessary adjustments to the instructions yourself.

Click on the "Edit Site List" button, which will display the "Exception Site List" dialog

Click on the "Add" button, which will create an entry to enter a new web site

Following the above instructions should install an Java Exception rule to allow Java Applets from this web site to run on your computer.

See the sections below on testing whether the Java Applets work on his web Site, to confirm you have correctly setup the Java Exception rule for this Web Site.

Testing Java Applets (on the actual web site)

To test whether the above Java Web Site exception rule is working

In Internet Explorer 11, this will ask you the following question "Do you want to run this Application ?"

N.B. other browsers may display different messages and may have different security options that need setting

If you are planning to use the Tutorials a lot.

Click the down arrow next to the "Show Options" text
This will display the option "Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above"
Selecting this tick box, will allow our Tutorial Applets to run with out the security prompts appearing first

Getting the above dialog confirms everything is working as it should

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